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The Dairy Engineers

In cooperation with Fullwood and their partners across Europe we assemble milking machines for cows and goats. Since the foundation of ESL-agri in 2001, we have been installing a wide range of milking systems, varying from traditional herringbone milkingparlours without automation, to fully automated rapid exit parlours and rotaries, for both goats and cows.

Our motivated team of engineers is focussed on installing durable dairies efficiently, so that the dairy farmer will be using his milking machine with pride for years. Thanks to this focussed team and our experience over the years, we have been installing dairies all over Europe and beyond.


Custom made

All of our installed dairies are build to suit the demands of the customer. A good milking parlour requires good preparation, good installation and good aftercare. Farmers have to make a lot of choices on what type of parlour to buy, milking equipment, animal identification, feeding system, management program, etc. etc. Once we are on site, most of the decisions are made and ESL-agri will make sure that in the end the customer will be proud of the decisions he made.



Durability is what marks our installations. By using the right durable materials in the right way, our installations last for years. Building durable parlours requires knowledge, and great experience, which we have with our engineers.



On a basis of experience and in consideration with the dairy farmer, the measurements of the parlour are defined accurately. This allows the milker to use the parlour for a long time, without any physical complaints or unnecessary load.



Due to our knowledge, vision and experience we are able to install high quality dairies in a very short period of time. After this efficient installation, the dairy farmer will be able to milk efficiently for years.

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